The new kid on the block.

We’re launching a satellite and high-performance camera system into orbit, capturing and minting images of earth as utility-driven NFTs — stored in an open-source and decentralized manner. Confused? Ask your grandson.

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The first decentralized space community

Real space missions

Our first rocket and satellite launch is scheduled for Q4 2022 in partnership with Sidus Space. The first of many to come.


Highly anticipated, global-first Terra Collection


Helios Hub (currently in development), is our metaverse-based educational center.

Pixel Rocket NFTs

A unique NFT collection of 500 x hand-drawn Pixel Rockets. Holders receive 50% fractionalized ownership of 1 x of our global-first, home-grown satellite imagery NFTs from our upcoming Terra Collection.
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A limited NFT collection of 50 x 3D animated Helios Capsules. Holders receive 5 x of our global-first, home-grown satellite imagery NFTs from our upcoming Terra Collection.
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Terra Collection NFTs

Real satellite

With more utility than Neil Young, bragging (and shagging) rights are all but guaranteed. 

Rare AF

Only 5000 of these bad boys. Best served rare.

Passive income

Tradeable. Passive income generators. Informative. Transparent. Decentralized. What’s not to like?

Dirty data

Raw, unfiltered data, stored on the blockchain for all to enjoy. Away from sleazy-bezy and the google gang-bangers

How we roll

Buy-backs & burns

Rest easy. $HELIOS' deflationary model is fuelled through
buy-backs and burns from select revenue.

Holy shh-eckles

A product range designed for savvy investors.

Tasty tokenomics

0% tax. 10t supply.

The nitty gritty

Who be doin' what?

Mission Helios is the first decentralized space community launched on the Ethereum network. The purpose of our mission is to be the catalyst for the democratization of space through utilization of blockchain technology.

As our first foray in the sector, Mission Helios will launch a high-performance camera system attached to the LizzieSat to capture images of earth – stored in an open-source and decentralized manner as Non-Fungible Tokens- a global-first.

Collected data and imagery from the nano-satellite will be available for all to view and license via our metaverse-based Helios Hub, while ownership of the underlying NFTs is incentivized by offering passive income in the form of licensing royalties to holders on a quarterly basis.

This ever-evolving model solidifies a unique vision to remain truly democratized, by providing satellite imagery and data to humanity in un-redacted form, while offering investors the opportunity to not only own a slice of history, but generate passive income through real-world utility.

How to buy $HELIOS?

Download and install MetaMask

Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask, also available as an application on IOS and Android. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account.

Buy some Ethereum

If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ether from different sources.

Start bidding, buying and selling

Once you have the application installed. From your Metamask browser click the button below. Connect your wallet and select the amount of $ETH you wish to trade for $HELIOS.

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Our frens


When is the satellite launching?

Launch date is set for Q4, 2022. But, given we're temperamental space geeks, that date is subject to change. Truth be told, it's in the hands of the various powers that be. But we can assure you (in the event of any kinds of delays), a strong-worded e-mail with angry face emoji and caps will be sent. You have our word.

Is Helios a one-trick pony?

Hells no. Our pony knows many tricks. Literally finished top of the class in pony space school. That gal is on a leash right now. Just wait 'til we break her in (not a sexual pun).

Wen Marketing?

We're so glad you asked. It's with great pleasure we inform you that traditional marketing ain't how we roll. Word on the street is cheese memes are big now with crazy influencer pumps and lit banners on poocoin. Go get 'em boyz!

Why "Terra"?

Terra simply means Earth, or quite literally, dirt

"But guys, you don't seem to be taking this space stuff seriously."

No, we do -- we just don't want to be complete jerk-offs about it. We are average folk. We get B.O. like you. We fart like your sister. We have daddy issues, too. We are human. 

Who said we can't have fun along the way?